By: John M. Di Fazio II

We have all experienced new years in the past and we are all accustomed to making some necessary changes to begin the new year.  These last few years have changed many of us in ways that helped us to break free of our entire way of life. For the better part of a century our worldview was influenced by a sinister and elusive adversary to whom we were blinded. They pinned us against one another, pointing out our differences, creating endless wars, developing diseases, suppressing cures, poisoning our food and water, manipulating currencies, and perverting God’s creation. My eyes were opened and the veil was pulled back over these last two years. I see everything clearly now. I, personally, realize much more than I did about the different aspects of life and how deceived we have all been for so many years by so many institutions. I believe that this change, which many of us call The Great Awakening, is a calling. I, like so many others right now, hear the Holy Spirit speaking clearly through me. I believe we are living in Biblical Times. I feel that those of us who are being called have been chosen to prepare the way for the Lord as John the Baptist did 2000 years ago. I believe we are ushering in Revival in the land and will witness not only a return of righteousness, but a Restoration of our Republic as well as a Restoration of Humanity. I feel that we are at the precipice and I am hopeful for a bright future. I foresee a revealing of much that was hidden. I believe it will be shocking to most of the world, but I see and know so many across the world who feel the same exact way. I have met thousands of people from all over the world in the last two years. We all hear the call. We all have put ourselves right with the Lord and have opened our hearts to the Holy Spirit. I pray that others will be given eyes to see and ears to hear. One of the great changes that I made in the last two years was reading the Scriptures each day and bringing the Good News to others, (over 200,000 people per day now see my daily Scripture Readings.) I encourage you all to quiet the noise of the world around you, open the Scriptures, read, and listen. What I do, I do as a service to God, to Country, and for Humanity. It has made the most profound change in my life.  I still stay physically fit, of course, with a focus on my Nutrition, Vitamins, Minerals, and daily exercise, but this emphasis on the Spiritual has been amazing. I also have done an enormous amount of research in the last two years. Everything I found connected to this part of the journey. I feel that 2023 will be a year like no other. I encourage you to prepare yourself Spiritually. The Future Belongs To Us, and The Best Is Yet To Come! Have a 2023 full of growth, full of love, and full of Christ. May the Holy Spirit guide you to the New Day ahead. God bless you all, and God bless America.

Until next month,

~ John D.

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