A Remedy Recipes Reflection: Physical Motion & Spiritual Stillness

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Many may feel that the concepts of physical motion and spiritual stillness are opposite in nature, but I feel that both are closely linked, co-dependent on each other. When one reaches out to fulfill the physical human potential that is in each of us, by the simple act of exercising, entire chemical compounds are released within the body and the mind. These compounds create an environment in our bodies and minds that brings about clarity, focus, and harmony of the individual systems of our physical being.
Like a calm, mountain lake, our souls find stillness through this physical action, just as much as meditation brings forth chemical activation within the body and mind with such things as temperature control, heart beat, cellular repair, and healing in general. I believe that both concepts are bridges to a completeness or a wholeness.
So when we find that the stress and outer chaos of our world are forming waves of anxiety or doubt in that calm lake of our souls, move against it with the physical motion of the body in a positive and affirmative way of exercise, to condition the body and bring harmony to the mind and soul. Keep this balance, and you may have that calm serenity that so many seek. Do not deny the outer calamity, but face it and address it with calmness, confidence, and faith.
Prepare your bodies, sharpen your minds, and strengthen your souls.
I hope that everyone had a great summer and enjoyed the beautiful
weather that we had! Until next month, John D.
” He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed.” – Psalm 107:29


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