A Remedy Return To Structure


Summer is a time for letting go of some of the time-constraints that weigh us down throughout the rest of the year. The pace of Summer is less intense, and more relaxed. It is a time to let go, have fun, & recharge from the daily, non-stop pace of the rest of the year. It feels completely different from the other seasons because of this. We all need that time to enjoy life a little, disconnect from the busy pace, & have care-free time in our days & evenings.
But, I’ve learned that many turn the Summer vacationing into a free-for-all, losing all sight of structure, and losing all direction for the missions that they set out to accomplish earlier in the year. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that this benefits me greatly each & every September, but I do still strive to keep everyone on track for the duration of Summer. Yet, each year there’re always a few that fall way off course, and return to Remedy for the structure that they need. I’m always happy to help, as together we set a new goal, put forth a new strategy, & seek the path that will end with, “Mission Accomplished!” It is all through structure that any mission is accomplished. In all areas of life, we require structure, we, as human beings desire structure, and we seek a return to structure when chaos ensues.
Hopefully, not that many of us allowed chaos to reign, but if you did, well, I’m here to help you, as always. So, as the school year begins, as the daylight declines, and as the Summer comes to an end, let us set out to accomplish the mission of fitness with a strategy & structure that can guarantee success, & hopefully transcend fitness and find its way into other areas of your lives as well.
I hope that you all had an amazing Summer! I felt mine was a little too cool, (70 degrees in late July & August???!!!) And poof! Over much too quickly! But, we had some good beach days, some good pool days, & some good fishing days. I just wish Summer could last a little longer.
Onward & Upward to Autumn, & to structure!
Until next month, Happy Summer for now,
& a safe & fun Labor Day Weekend! ~ JohnD.