A Remedy Review: "The Objective"


People from all walks of life seek my assistance in creating a healthy lifestyle, and I am happy to help. This month, as we enter Summer, I’d like to review our main objective, which is to burn body fat. In simple terms, our bodies store fat when we elevate sugar levels to a point that sugar becomes our primary fuel source. Our main objective is to create an environment in our bodies, by means of eating the correct foods at the correct times of day, that will stabilize our blood sugar, thereby directing our bodies to use fat as our primary fuel source.
The energy that we receive from sugar can be described as a ‘spike’ that lasts for a short duration, and is followed by a ‘crashing’ shortly thereafter. This ‘roller coaster’ energy may also disrupt sleep patterns. Utilizing our body fat as an energy source gives us very stable energy throughout the day, and usually results in a very sound sleep.
People are often surprised just how easy it is, once they have the structure in place. The foods & times can alter our fuel source & our health on a cellular level, reducing blood sugar, utilizing fat correctly, (rather than storing it, ) & often reducing triglyceride levels, cholesterol, & blood pressure as well. Changing habits that result in correcting the fuel in which we use can also reduce the frequency of flare-ups of inflammatory & digestive disorders.
I think that it is very important to re-examine our objective from time to time to reset our focus. When we thoroughly understand the concept of what we strive to achieve, it allows us to apply the science. Remember, I can create a Meal Plan for you, but it is the application of the plan that provides your body with the ability to stabilize blood sugar and burn body fat as its primary fuel source. So, let’s enter Summer with resolute minds & healthier bodies, and let us apply the science of our objective!
Until next Month, John D.