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“Technology suggests that the world is in our hands, but it has actually put the weight of the world on our shoulders.”
~ John M. Di Fazio II

I will be brief and to the point. This current society that we are living in severely lacks accountability.
Part of my job is to hold others accountable. It seems that technology, with its many benefits and tools, has also come with the cost of a very distracted society. People have become so connected and engaged socially, that important responsibilities are being neglected. Firstly, accountability.
Before one can be accountable to me, one must first be accountable to oneself. They must make a promise to themselves, as a conscious adult human being. In my case, people attend appointments for either training or nutrition to both learn and be held accountable. I think my consistent behavior in being self-disciplined and accountable to myself is what generally inspires others to seek my assistance. I am 100% grounded in discipline. I do not waver. I do not hesitate. I do not get distracted. I am consistent because I am aware. I do what I can to help others find this self-awareness and alter bad behavior, replacing it with good, consistent habits that will make them the best version of themselves.
Somewhere in the last ten years, as the seed of technology grew, twisting round our minds and strangling its vines into and around all of our lives, something began to change within the human brain and its capacity to remain focused on previously common things like the following through of simple tasks. It amazes me how technology has tightened its hold on society, gradually constricting peoples’ ability to maintain control on their own self-discipline. For example, I call any new nutrition clients to confirm their appointment. Most people confirm and show up to the appointment, but each week at least one, if not more, confirm and do not show up. The really distressing part is that they do not even call. I do not make a salary. My income is dependent on clients showing up. So, when a person does this, they display an enormous amount of disrespect, inconsiderate behavior, as well as a lack of accountability to me, but most of all to themselves. They could not even hold themselves accountable to show up. It’s sad, really, and it has been the case more and more over the last few years.
I see it in many forms across society. People tend to not even look up anymore. They are always engrossed in their phones. I see it when the traffic lights turn green on my daily drive. I see it as people are crossing streets. I was at the car wash recently, and while I was waiting, I just looked up at the breeze through the trees on a beautiful October day. Only one other gentleman was admiring it. Every other person there had their heads down, looking at their phones and scrolling. It was sad.  I don’t know where it will take us if we do not correct it. First and foremost, we must be aware of it. Then one can begin to change the behavior. Accountability is a behavior. Lack of accountability is a behavior. One must ask themselves, which do I want to be known for and associated with? An entire change of mindset must occur in individuals to create the good habit of accountability and to get our society back on a consciously aware course. It all begins with being accountable to oneself.
Ask yourself, “Can I detach from my phone for a day?” “Can I detach from my phone for a weekend?”
If the answer is “No,” then I would say it’s time to do some reflecting.
If the answer is “Yes,” then you are taking the first steps to being accountable to yourself.
Time will tell. Either we learn how to cultivate technology, or it will completely overtake us like a jungle.
Accountability to oneself is the first step to shrugging it off and being free from its tethers and aware of what’s right in front of you.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. (Hopefully you rememberer to show up. Haha!)
Give thanks.
Thank you, God,
for the roof over our heads, the food on our tables, the clothes on our backs, for a loving family and friends, for work and opportunity, and for being born free & knowing freedom in our lifetime.
‘Til next month,
~ John D.


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