An Important Message from Remedy Results

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January 9, 2021

In light of the extreme censorship displayed by Facebook and Twitter over the course of last year, and escalating into the last two days, we will be permanently cancelling our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Please follow us on PARLER@Remedyrecipes.

The PARLER app was removed from Google devices as of last night.

We hope that Apple does not participate in this effort to silence Free Speech.

If by chance the PARLER app is blocked completely, we will communicate through our BLOG here on

If the technocratic oligarchy and their mainstream media cohorts as well as e-mail providers and app providers unilaterally participate in silencing the American People, please tune in to the Emergency Broadcast System for a message from the President.

This is an effort to shut down all dissent by means of silencing the voices of American citizens and Patriots. Our voices must be heard. We will not tolerate censorship. We will discontinue all commerce with any company which engages in the censorship of American citizens. This is coordinated attack on America from both without and from within.

Be alert. Be vigilant. Have Faith.

God bless America.

~ John M. Di Fazio II, January 9th, 2021


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