“There are many poisons in the world. BE THE REMEDY.”

~ John M. Di Fazio II


For 29 years I have had the fulfilling career of helping others to improve their body’s health and wellbeing. All three of my modalities, Nutrition, Personal Training, and Massage Therapy are ways of healing through prevention in some cases, and repair in others. I personally believe that we as human beings have the ability for much more longevity than the current statistics are displaying. If you knew how to prevent, treat, and heal disorder or disease in the body, wouldn’t it be advantageous to apply that knowledge? I have done hours of extensive research and application of healing on a cellular level. By this point, I myself am proof of what can be accomplished through proper nutrition and exercise, meditation and massage, hydration, and a correct vitamin-mineral regimen.

I recently celebrated my 50th Birthday. I truly feel 25. I have not been sick, not even a cold, since 1989. I don’t have any cavities. My eyesight is perfect, (I even lined up 9 consecutive shots in the same target location at the shooting range recently.–not grouping–same hit in the same place, 9 consecutive shots.) I can sprint as fast as I could when I was 21. My strength has not decreased, although I no longer include heavy squats in my weight training regimen so that my spine can enjoy a healthy longevity. My tendons and ligaments are in tip top shape. I can still leap in all directions and land with perfect recovery. I even still have mostly dark brown hair with a few grays, (but my wife tells me I look distinguished. LOL.) I feel great every day. No nagging injuries, no fear to exert myself, no worries about getting sick. I live my life, taking action, with no restrictions. To live a life held back by restrictions is not acceptable to me. We have one life and it’s best to live it feeling great and enjoying our body’s abilities.

Here in the 21st Century, there are many poisons coming at us from all directions. Toxic medicines, experimental gene therapies, genetically modified food, impure water, a deteriorating culture, societal-induced stress and anxiety, and a decline of healthy habits in general all contribute to a diminished cell structure in each and every cell of the human body. Sadly, too many are cooperatively going along with this poisoning of the human DNA. It is time to take personal action and responsibility for our own bodies. One must begin to consider what one is putting into their body an how it will affect their individual cells, organs, and lifespans. We filter our water. We have a consistent vitamin-mineral regimen and use natural remedies. We strive to eat organic non-gmo foods. As a family, we seek to grow more of our own food each year. We’re even considering building a greenhouse on our property as well as planting a small orchid. While it’s great to be self-sufficient, it also benefits us to know that we started our plants with organic seeds and we know exactly where our food is coming from. I recently saw a great meme that stated: “If my grocery store has a Health Food Aisle, what are all the items in the other aisles?” It’s definitely a phrase to consider. And also consider my own personal quote: “There are many poisons in the world. BE THE REMEDY.”


If anyone needs help in creating Individualized Nutrition Plans, Exercise Regimens, or healing injuries or stress and anxiety with Massage Therapy, please contact me directly at 631-444-5045.

I look forward to helping you to begin walking on the path to healing and longevity!!! ~ John D.