Building a Strong Immune System



By: John M. Di Fazio II


Our bodies are created with a beautiful defense called the Immune System. It fights off foreign antigens and pathogens and protects and defends healthy cells. Immunity, or a healthy immune response activates via processing through receptors that identify a foreign antigen. B cells and T cells must first recognize that a foreign antigen is present for an immune response to occur. B cells are able to bind to antigens and produce antibodies to create an Antibody-Mediated Immunity. T cells recognize antigenic proteins and attack and eliminate the intruders, creating a Cell-Mediated Immunity. Different T cells have different responses and functions related to the type of antigen that is intruding. There are Killer T cells, Suppressor T cells, Memory T cells, among others that mediate a class of allergic response. All have their specific function, along with B cells as a natural mechanism that is programmed in our bodies, working in conjunction with Cytokines, small protein hormones that regulate immune response to build resistance and ward off disease.



The primary objective of our Immune System is to ward off and build a resistance to disease. It also has the ability to create Immunological Memory, in which memory B cells and memory T cells remain after the primary response of exposure to an antigen. In doing so, it is better prepared to respond to any secondary exposures. Over time, our bodies learn to build a specific resistance to a specific antigen and create antibodies to destroy future intrusion by the antigen. This is how we naturally build immunity against diseases.




I believe in allowing my body to perform its natural response functions as they relate to immunity. Coming in contact with pathogens and antigens help us to build strong resistance to diseases of both a viral nature or a bacterial nature.  By allowing the natural response to occur, our Immune Systems gain strength by being able to do what they were designed to do, ward off, resist, and recognize for future exposure. It is the natural defense of the body.



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Just as we strive to condition our physical bodies with exercise and nutrition, we can also strive to condition and strengthen ourselves on a cellular level. I have not been sick, not even a cold, since 1989. For over three decades I have kept my Immune System strong by proper nutrition, hydration, exercise, hygiene, rest, and supplementation. I am consistent and diligent in executing these areas daily. My nutrition consists of five healthy, organic meals per day. I space my meals by 3 hour intervals. I hydrate with one gallon of water each day. I weight train 6 days per week, and perform cardiovascular exercise 7 days per week for 30 minutes each day. As a hygiene rule, I never touch my face, and I thoroughly wash my hands before eating or drinking. I sleep between 6-8 hours per night. All of these good habits continue to improve and strengthen my Immune System, but I give a great deal of credit to my supplementation. Here is a list of my daily vitamins, minerals, and amino acids:


w/ Meal One

  • 1 Solgar VM-75
  • 2000 IU Nature Made Vitamin D3 tablets
  • 3 capsules, (1,575 mg,) Nature’s Way Dandelion Root
  • 1 tbsp Barlean’s Liquid Omegas


w/ Meal Two

  • 2000 IU Nature Made Vitamin D3 tablets
  • 250 mg Nature Made Magnesium tablet
  • 50 mg Solgar Zinc tablet


w/ Meal Three

  • 1 Solgar VM-75
  • 1000 IU Nature Made Vitamin D3 tablet
  • 250 mg Nature Made Magnesium tablet
  • 3 mg Boron tablet


Pre-exercise: 1 scoop of Original XTEND Branched Chain Amino Acids & electrolytes, 30 minutes prior to exercise. X-TEND contains 1000 mg of Citruline Malate which is an important nutrient that may provide immune strengthening properties to our bodies.

Note: Please consult with a physician before use of any supplement, especially if an individual is on a prescribed medication. The dosages listed above are my own personal regimen. Women and children may adjust to lower dosages of the above mentioned vitamins and minerals and amino acids, just as each individual may require different dosages. Thorough blood work can give you insight as to the vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in your own personal body.

A strong, healthy, functioning Immune System can benefit us in so many ways. It may provide consistent health, longevity, recovery, and overall well being to be enjoyed throughout your years. Health is our greatest commodity, so with the application of good habits, create the best environment in your body and enjoy it every day!