"Built to Last", Part I


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I have always been fascinated by true craftsmanship and things that were built in such a way that they are still useable a century or centuries later. In this segment of my blog, over the course of this Summer, I’d like us to reflect on items that I’ve restored or admired and how each holds up to the test of time, and then to really consider how our bodies might be better cared for to ensure longevity in our lives.
So many items today, from appliances to window cleaners, are notĀ built or manufactured with the same quality that one can see in items that were made 50-100 years ago. Sadly, the same is true for our food, and the health of our bodies. Our food is more processed, less nutrient-rich, stripped of important vitamins and minerals, and in some cases even genetically modified. As a whole, human beings are less active, and some, even children, are extremely sedentary.
Things have changed. Technology empowers us, but there seems to be a cost. Here we are in the 21st Century, and we see more inefficiency and poor workmanship than ever! Pictured above is my Great Grandfather’s Lincoln Rocker which he purchased in 1918. Do you think furniture built today could hold up like that? We also see the Chrysler Building, which was built in 11 months in the early 1930’s. Compare that to the 14 years- yes, YEARS, that it took to build the “Freedom” Tower right here in the 21st Century! So, it would seem that we were more efficient with early 30’s machinery and built a more aesthetically pleasing skyscraper than today. The workmanship that you see inside & outside of the Chrysler Building demonstrates both a work ethic & a craft that has long since left our civilization.
And so it is with our bodies as well. Although medical advancements keep us living longer, the quality of our years for most are just not there. The ailments that I see on a daily basis are mainly reversible, if one is willing to make changes in their life. Sadly, most in our society are not willing. They would rather mask symptoms with medications and live with the disorder, than find the root cause of the illness. We live in a medicated society that seems content to exist rather than to live- I mean really LIVE to their full human potential, physically, mentally, intellectually, Spiritually, & emotionally.
Don’t be discouraged. The fact that you are reading this indicates that you are challenging yourself to make changes in your behavior, and thus taking the first steps to LIVING up to your full human potential.
We will continue our discussion throughout the Summer, as I feature more time-tested items and walking the path to a time-tested body, mind, & soul that’s “BUILT TO LAST”!!!
A Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there! Enjoy your day!
Catch my next installment of “Built To Last” Part II on July 1, 2015!!!
Until next month, John D.