"Built To Last" Part II

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I’m glad you’re all back for this month’s installment of “Built To Last”!!! The first step to building a stronger, healthier body that’s built for longevity & living up to your full human potential is simply making the conscious decision & actual first step forward to apply the necessary “building blocks” to achieve the goal that is in your mind!
Building a body is much like building anything else. There are actual ingredients and activities needed to do so. Out of the many ingredients or items that are necessary, nutrition is the primary one, consuming a massive 85% of the job at hand. The exercise is important, but believe it or not, it is a much smaller percentage of achieving a level of fitness that will provide your body with longevity. The other two parts are actually more importantly considered, one being water, & the other, rest.
When building items such as my 1882 Stagecoach Steamer, (trunk featured above), the artisans manufactured it with the best quality wood, (the primary material), molded iron corners, (the secondary material), iron nails (the third most important material), & the interior fabric, (the least most important material, but a finisher which can bring an aesthetic to the item.) So it is with the body. Our primary materials are food, vitamins, & minerals which are the actual “building blocks” which build, repair, & replenish our cellular structure, followed by water, (hydration is a key element for longevity!), rest, which is when we repair tissue on a cellular level, & lastly exercise, which is the time when we actually tear and break down muscle tissue, but at the same time condition our bodies to certain physical & mental stresses.
Some people may put emphasis on exercise, but without the proper nutrients, hydration, & rest to repair, they will most likely injure themselves, overtrain & deplete,  & exhaust their bodies. The antique pedal Singer Sewing Machine featured above is a good example of mis-emphasis on the primary foundations. The actual sewing machine, which we have but is not featured here, is usually the emphasized part of this still usable, nearly 100 year old built to last item. But, take a look at the base. That foundation is what the sewing machine sits upon. Without it, the sewing machine is not useless, but would be difficult to operate. The pedal is also reliant on the frame of the base. The base, which in our bodies would be nutrition, is the primary part that allows the other parts to work properly.
So, keep focused on all the “building blocks”, but prioritize in order of importance to see the best results for longevity & a body that’s “Built To Last”!!! I hope that you find this information beneficial as it may bring a new awareness to how you view the path to achieving a healthy body.
Hope to see you next month for “Built To Last” Part III. Have a wonderful Independence Day, & be safe! Please take a few minutes to read one of our founding documents, The Declaration Of Independence, especially if you have children! Read it with them! Words that were “Written To Last”!!! For Our Lives, Our Fortunes, & Our Sacred Honor!…and our Future…
Until next month, John D.


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