Comin’ Back Around


It has been an interesting couple of years. I have done much reflecting and intuitive self exploration in this strange time in history. I have come to realize that the business path that I was on, while fulfilling, was also taking me away from my original strengths. I’ve been in these fields of Fitness, Nutrition, and Massage for 29 years now. In the beginning it was the one on one, hands-on approach that made me successful. But, for roughly 20 years I gradually gravitated towards management, expansion, and the growing of our brand. While some of it was exciting, it also came with unwanted stress and subtracted from my hands-on time and attention for my clients. I realize now that growing a brand is unnecessary. I realize now that technology doesn’t make things easier, but rather it complicates things with a hundred new tasks that have to get updated, addressed, and to which need constant tending. It became, for me, background noise that I now realize I don’t want, nor do I need. I feel that, like a boomerang, I’m coming back around to what made me successful in the first place. I’ve been getting back to my roots, consistently training individual clients with individual goals. I am doing many weekly massages, and my wife and I are doing more couples massages as well. We’re staying close to home, successfully training and massaging clients right here in our home office. We’ve been able to eliminate the commute, expensive overhead, and much of the technical background noise. It feels really good to get back to basics.

We have learned to accept change in the last two years. When it was decided that after 15 years, Remedy Fitness would not reopen after businesses were asked to close, we decided to “downsize” our approach. We had already been through it once before when Gold’s Gym closed in 2005. The result of that led to the opening of Remedy Fitness with my father. Both closings were stressful, of course, with young children and a mortgage in the first, and college age children and a mortgage in the second. After 13 years at Gold’s Gym and 15 years at Remedy, we decided to stay close to home and venture into the online approach. I was also thankfully able to rent office space at The Baiting Hollow Club for the last two-plus years, for which I am forever grateful. The online change went very smoothly with the assistance of Dorian Roberson at who helped us to create our new website. We highly recommend Dorian’s creative and tech-savvy expertise if you’re seeking a new website! Everything seemed to be consistent for a while, but the unplanned for changes continued. The interest in my Nutrition Program began to decelerate. I wasn’t certain if it was the result of inflation or if people were still not ready to begin walking a healthier path again. The Plandemic created some terrible habits for many. Nutrition was steady, but not as industrious as it had previously been. And still, even more unexpected changes appeared. Recently, the Remedy Recipes App had to be discontinued due to a lack of necessary data that remained in the hands of the app developer and the creators of our former website, both of whom are no longer operating. Don’t worry, you can always view my recipe and blog right here on on the RECIPE and BLOG pages. Saying goodbye to the app signaled a big change. But, it started my consolidation efforts to retract our brand even more. In December, I’ll begin seeing Nutrition clients exclusively here in my home office. ¬†We also have a dream to build a Fitness Barn on our property over the next few years to have a place in which we can train clients, teach classes, and see clients for Nutrition checkups. We’re looking forward to that project. While much has changed, we are so grateful to have the opportunities that we’ve been given, and we are excited for this new journey and this way forward that is grounded in our past successes. Our brand still exists, but our direction and focus is falling back to what made us who we are, and that is personal one-on-one attention with dedicated clients.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and may God bless you all, and may God bless America.

~ John D.