Creativity in the Kitchen


One thing that I strive to do for you is to create appetizing meals that coincide with my Remedy Recipes format. I’ve traveled to some amazing places; Rome, Paris, Lucerne, the small towns & villages of Sicily, among other places, where the legendary cuisine emerges from the creative depths of the soul. Some may say that “love” is an actual ingredient in some of their amazing dishes.
I’m not a trained chef, but I have picked up some tips over the years, & I’ve observed some great techniques from some amazingly talented chefs as well as family-based kitchen legends such as Natalie Di Fazio, John Di Fazio Sr., & Josephine Passarello! We also take a tour of the kitchen while being seated at our favorite & famous Mulberry Street Sicilian restaurant, La Mela. (Hey, you learn wherever & whenever you can!)
Over the years, I’ve learned how to cultivate and to cook with various vegetables, herbs, & spices, mostly through trial & error, but often mimicking what I’ve seen from childhood & throughout my life. Growing up in Jackson Heights, I was exposed to so many different cultures & their traditional foods. There’s at least two of everyone in Jackson Heights. It’s like the “Noah’s Ark” of ethnicity.
In addition to herbs & spices, I became creative with colors & textures. The appearance of a meal is almost as important as the taste. Also, certain combinations of flavors really compliment each other. Some, I pleasantly discovered by accident.
I view cooking as an art, and I enjoy the creative aspect of it, while keeping my parameters in place in accordance with my healthy guidelines. There are so many nutrient dense foods that are actually beneficial & healthy for us. I hope that you are enjoying the journey so far, and learning that eating healthy can be a delicious experience. I personally don’t enjoy bland, dry food, so I wouldn’t want you to suffer through that when so many incredible foods exist that can be used without detriment to your fitness & health goals.
Please visit our Recipe of the Month tab at, or download the Remedy Recipes App to see our latest recipe, “Creative Combos!” They’re a great example of how simple it is to blend great flavors & textures into a healthy meal! We hope that you enjoy every bite!
Until next month, as Summer approaches…
~ John D.
P.S. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads & Grandfathers out there!