Dam Discipline


Forgive the title. (Haha!) I had recently written a social media post discussing the setting of a “buffer”¬† in regards to a weight number on the scale, and not allowing yourself to pass that number, once you have achieved your goal. I strongly consider this to be a vital part of adopting the Remedy Recipes approach as a lifestyle. I’m always here to help if you require the accountability. I don’t want anyone to erase all of the hard work that they accomplished. That is why setting a buffer is so important. If the buffer is 5 or 10 pounds, it’s easy to correct. If 40-50 pounds is gained in the time that you and I have last met, then the path back to the goal weight is more timely and difficult. Habits that are corrected early on are much more likely to become a lifestyle. Think of it as a dam holding back the flood waters. If it’s only a small crack in the dam, it’s easier to repair. If the cracks are allowed to expand, the dam may rupture in time, and all of those bad habits rush forward with a vengeance. If we address the problem before it becomes a greater problem, we can most likely repair the behavior. The buffer provides a behavior check point for you. It’s a warning bell that can prevent you from falling further off course. Little by little, you can create better habits and defeat the bad habits once and for all. The buffer is part of a strategy. It is through planning and execution of the plan that we achieve our goals. So, when the plan for the buffer is firmly in place in your mind, you will be less likely to allow yourself to pass it. Be aware of it. If it’s not the scale, it can be a clothes size. It can be any number that will prevent you from erasing what you had accomplished. Please remember, I am always here for you to provide you with accountability and guidance. So, set the buffer number right now. Know the number that you will not and shall not pass.
Please consider this as it will greatly help you to maintain the good habits, the discipline, and the lifestyle that you were seeking when you asked for my help.
Have a wonderful August, everyone.
Hopefully we’ll have more sunshine & beach days than we had in July!¬†Happy Summer!
Until next month,
~ John D.