Meal Plan FAQ

Continue the structure of the meal plan six days per week, allowing for one cheat/treat day per week. you will maintain the achieved level of fitness. do not exceed the one cheat/treat day per week. isolate only that day. if you know that you have an event such as a party or a wedding, select that day as your cheat/treat day. only add this cheat/treat day to your week once you have achieved your goal weight.

Changing the type of cardiovascular exercise that you are doing may help you to break through the plateau. stay the course with your meal plan. some weeks you may hit a plateau, but you will break through. make sure to drink your gallon of water! a lack of hydration may slow your progress. if you do not give your body enough water, your body will hold on to water, and that will show on the scale. if you give your body the water that it needs, it will let go of excess water. also, we get rid of lipids ( fats ) through our urine. proper hydration will encourage a greater transport of bodyfat.

Four to five pounds weekly in the first two weeks, and two to three pounds per week thereafter.

Specialty Foods & Brand Names FAQ

Wild by nature, trader joe’s, whole foods, stop & shop, walbaums, & king kullen.

Yes, you may use quaker rice cakes.

Meal Replacement FAQ

1. bodysource in miller place (631-473-3830 ) 2. any vitamin shoppe 3. innovative nutrition in east setauket 4. any gnc 5. 6. or

Bodysource in miller place ( 631-473-3830 )

Spice & Herbs FAQ

Yes, except salt. you may use a salt substitute or a minimal amount of sea salt. all other natural spices and herbs are fine to use in moderation.

Artificial Sweeteners FAQ

Absolutely not. the artificial sweeteners and products are totally optional.there are plenty of natural options listed as well.

Yes, stevia is derived from a natural plant extract.

Shell Fish FAQ

Yes, however, it is not as great a source of protein as a filet is. you may have it occasionally in place of a protein.

Water & Beverages FAQ

You may have other sugar free beverages in addition to your gallon of water, but not in place of your gallon of water. be consistent with your daily water intake.