Food Prepping: The Importance Of Being Prepared


Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” In order to be successful at anything in life, one must prepare. It’s a necessity for academics, sports, business, family, spiritual needs & reflection, projects, retirement, disasters, military campaigns, adventures, exploration, vacations, survival, & yes, even eating…especially eating!!! The idea that I try to convey to others is that food is fuel, and if we would like to function like a well-oiled machine, then we should fuel our bodies with the nutrients that will give us the fuel that we need. It’s also important to view eating not as a diet, but as a lifestyle. The most successful at this lifestyle are the ones who dedicate the time to food preparation. They go into each day, ready & prepared with the fuel that their bodies need.
Now, after 24 years of working in the Fitness Industry, I know and understand that time is often a factor in regards to food prep. After a while you develop a system and the good habits of consistency. I feel that if you are experiencing complacency or are simply bored of the same foods, it’s important to change some items from week to week to keep it interesting. (Please refer to my best selling book, Remedy Recipes, (available for Apple i-Pad, Barnes & Nobles nook, & e-book download & print paperback at,) or visit the Recipe of the Month tab on our website,, or download the Remedy Recipes App, exclusively for Apple devices & products.) A variety of foods will keep you engaged in the healthy lifestyle. If you feel constrained by time as we often do, stores such as Trader Joe’s, Uncle Giuseppe’s, & Wild By Nature provide a selection of prepared items that are Remedy Recipes Approved. We prepare our meals for Monday-Thursday, & then we’ll stop at one of these stores for ready-to-serve items for the weekend to cut down on prep & cooking. It’s made our lives a lot easier with the sports & activities each weekend.
Another great option is a food prepping service such as Healthy Meals Direct, (631-260-3668.) We live in an age of convenience. Our busy schedules may place time constraints on us, but there are always solutions. I hope that some of the above mentioned solutions help you to create some options to go along with your food prep! So, in addition to stacks of Tupperware, consider some of these ideas, and always remember the Boy Scouts Of America slogan: “Be Prepared.”
Happy Fall!!! Hope that you find your way out to our beautiful North Fork for some farm fresh items for your prepping & cooking this Autumn!!! So far we’ve been blessed with an Indian Summer as we’ve begun the Harvest season out here!
Until next month, ~ John D.