Forged In Fire


I know the title sounds frightening, but bear with me for a moment. I’m referring to the person who we become within the process of achieving goals. It may sound harsh to compare ourselves with the forging process, but sometimes envisioning ourselves in a different state of being will help us to better realize the truth of the transformation that occurs when we find qualities such as discipline, courage, and commitment. It takes all of these qualities to endure the often arduous journey of transformation that occurs when we set out to achieve a goal.
At first, we are like a piece of flawed ore, awaiting shape, awaiting structure, awaiting formation. Some goals may require more temperance than others, but within the fire of our will we take shape and we begin to form into our good visions. We hammer out our impurities in the fires of the forge. From just a simple piece of unformed ore we can become a brilliant blade, polished, sharpened, and glorious.
I think it’s important to visualize and recognize this process. I think that it is very easy to take the process for granted and get caught up in other directions, and lose sight of the goal. We have to constantly revisit the image in our minds that inspired us to set the goal. I always take myself out of the ordinary, and envision the extraordinary, my own special realm of possibilities that helps me focus on the goal at hand. We have to first imagine it before we can create it. Each step, each motion, each effort taken to move us closer to the goal is a swing of that hammer, clanking out the negatives, pounding out the doubt, and forming what we want to be.
I know I’m not the norm when it comes to this stuff, but people always ask me, “How do you do it? How do you stay so committed? How do you not waver to temptation? How do you live this life of discipline? I guess the most concise answer would be that I’m constantly in the forge, keeping the fire lit, keeping the hammer swinging. I do it because I can see the final, transformed outcome, and it is worth my effort, but more importantly because I become better with each swing.
Keep that fire lit!!!
Until next month,
~ John D.