Frequency: The Future of Healing


FREQUENCY: The Future of Healing

By: John M. Di Fazio II

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

~ Nikola Tesla

I’m going to suggest to you, the reader, that this article that I am writing is entirely theoretical in nature, as I am only providing my own knowledge of science, health, and biology, as well as my personal research into the fields of frequency and vibration, and second hand knowledge of projects that are not publicly disclosed. This theoretical hypothesis is based upon the application of frequency and vibration as it relates to human biology.  Many years ago, Nikola Tesla uncovered magnificent secrets about frequency and the effects of frequency and vibration on energy, and more importantly, human biology. Frequency and vibration used in harmonic ways create a reliably consistent pattern. Imagine a healthy human cell. A healthy cell can be likened to harmony. Now, imagine a diseased or damaged cell caused by radiation or toxins or negative frequencies emitted by certain radio waves. Diseased cells can be likened to disharmony. When a cell is in disharmony, its behavior is erratic, and exudes patterns that can be observed as hostile to other cells in its proximity. When the body is exposed to the correct vibration and frequency however, damaged cells have displayed a stabilization, or in some cases, diseased cells have displayed an entire disintegration. The atomic structure of a cell is made up of vibrating energy  oscillating at a particular resonance. Set to the correct frequency, the harmonizing of a cell would be a logical conclusion. Within the harmonized vibrational system, the tuned cells achieve a state of homeostasis with the body’s frequency as it relates to Earth’s frequency, which is 7- 7.5 Hertz.

Consider music. Tapping tuning forks creates a sympathetic resonant vibration in the second fork because the forks are tuned to the same exact frequency. One can theorize that a diseased cell or cells can be targeted through vibration and frequency to two input frequencies to 11 times the lower, or musically speaking, the 11th Harmonic, to target and shatter cancer cells.

Now, consider meditation. Meditation involves the harmonizing of the body’s human chakra system. The Tesla Coil invented by Nikola Tesla resembles the ancient drawings of the interpretation of the human chakra system, both of which have a function to bring about a homeostasis of energy through frequency.  Some places on the Earth resonate higher frequencies depending on the vibration of the electromagnetic field in the particular area. So, in theory, certain places may help to “tune” us to be in sync with the 7- 7.5 Hertz frequency that Earth emits.

If a certain place can do this to the human body, it may be possible to create a chamber that can create the proper acoustics for a certain amount of time to tune our cells to the correct frequency to bring about a state of homeostasis. There is a possibility that frequency can have healing applications for cancer, blood pressure, diabetes, and many other prevalent diseases in our society. I believe that the potential goes far beyond cell repair. I believe that if this technology is implemented effectively, it may create the proper conditions for DNA repair, tissue repair, tissue regeneration, organ repair, and even intellectual and consciousness enhancement. Consciousness is a very important aspect of this because of a specific example. In 1953, a change was made in how radio frequency was transmitted across Earth. It was changed to 440hz, which produces a low level static that suppresses consciousness. In some areas, the static becomes greater, which is usually annoying enough to generate the desire to turn off the radio. The natural, harmonic resonance of music is 432hz, which incredibly creates a very distinct pattern, and in turn, clearer consciousness. So, if our cells are tuned to a specific frequency, it would be a logical conclusion that we can expand our intellectual capacity and our human consciousness. This could have great potential in regards to diseases such as Dementia. Through the proper frequency setting, we can create less static and more clarity through an improved pattern of frequency in the brain.


I believe that we will see the full application of frequency and vibration technology in many hospitals very soon. Nikola Tesla was a genius, and when his studies are put into the right hands, along with reverse-engineered technology, our own human advancements in science, and scientific breakthroughs in the United States Military, the potential is limitless. Healing will not be the only application of the technology of frequency, but it’s definitely the best place to start for all of humanity. The Best Is Yet To Come!