We all have had experiences with bad habits at some point in our lives. Not one of us is perfect. We do have a choice in the matter. Each of us has the ability to use Free Will and to decide that a certain habit is not in our best interest, and sometimes even destructive. We each can conquer a bad habit, and we each can create a good habit. Often, creating a good habit to replace the bad habit that we have conquered helps to strengthen us against back-sliding into our old ways. The new, good habit allows us to grow in many ways, physically, mentally, spiritually, & emotionally.
New Year’s is a time to reflect on our lives, to examine and evaluate our present state. What can we do to make our lives better & more balanced? The answer is different for everyone. I have found that structure in any area helps all the parts of our lives, no matter how hectic life may seem. If we secure one aspect, such as nutrition or exercise with daily structure, the other parts of our lives begin to fall into place, and become more organized and orderly. Nutrition & exercise are both a great start, because they provide us with the feeling of well-being. We have more energy, better sleep, and we feel good about ourselves when we eat right and exercise.
So, when making a resolution this year, aim singularly, targeting an area of your life in which you would like to see an improvement, and start there. Do not overwhelm yourself with the big picture. See the first step, and take it.
May you conquer the bad habits & replace them with good habits!
Have a safe, healthy, & happy New Year, John D.