"I CAN" Tapping Into Our Human Potential


There are two simple words in the human vocabulary that have launched us above and beyond, and continue to do so each and every day. “I CAN.” The amazing technological advances, the medical innovations, the creative genius, the sports accolades, the spread of love and faith in our world all stem from people who understood the personal power of  the words, “I CAN.”
It’s a natural human trait to doubt oneself. Whether it’s our talent or ability, or simply a lack of faith, we all tend to second guess ourselves at some points in our lives. Because of this, we must at times have the will power and the discipline to change our thinking, regain our focus, and look into the mirror and say the words, “I CAN.” It may seem unnatural, and if one examines human behavior, one would find that it is truly unnatural when one considers the percentage of humanity that doesn’t fulfill their dreams, or even worse, does not have dreams to begin with. So, we must analyze the reasons behind this feeling of unworthiness in regards to fulfilling our dreams. It’s really all in the way that we think about it. We see the obstacles, the hardships, and the difficult road ahead, and the sight of this overwhelms and instantly deters us. That is the moment of procrastination that we have all had at some moments in our lives. But, that is just one aspect of the cause of this lack of will and faith in ourselves. It is something deeper that causes a person to say, “I can’t.” For some, it represents not having sufficient self-motivation or motivation from another outside source. To see a vision of a dream and not even begin the journey is sad. We have this brilliant ability to dream of things that we would like to accomplish. Why can’t we also have the ability to direct our focus and begin our journey towards realizing our dreams? As I previously suggested, it doesn’t seem to be hardwired into our human behavior. We must rewire our thinking and overcome doubt with a belief, albeit unnatural, in ourselves. We must force it. We must make it happen by all means necessary. Two words spark the fire. “I CAN.”
Will it be easy? No, it will not be easy. Will it be worth it? Yes, it will be worth it. Just the accomplishment alone, the personal accomplishment, without anyone else’s considerations of your dream, is reward enough. Sometimes, there is further reward such as renown and reputation, at times even transcending the genre of the accomplishment.  Sometimes, there can even be monetary gain from something that you alone believed in enough to make it a reality. You will also begin to grow this sense of belief in yourself with each achieved goal, with each fulfilled dream , and with each realized vision . Whenever I had doubt in my ability, or wavered because of thoughts about what others may think of a pursuit that I dreamed of, I stood firm and I said to myself, “I CAN.” It’s the one simple way that we can rewire our thinking. I often reflect on those moments of doubt, and I am so happy that I didn’t succumb to it. I look at all of my individual achievements, books written, creative works, personal goals, business goals, and dreams that I had when I was a child, fulfilled and tangible. It all happened because I believed that I could do it. Even when I doubted, I still went for it. Because, at the end of the day, what have we to lose, really? Life’s just too short not to attempt a journey with a destination that could just be a fulfillment of your destiny. Look in the mirror. Say it.
“I CAN.”
‘Til next month,
~ John D.