Improvised Training: Back To Basics

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In situations such as these, we improvise our workouts. Without access to gyms or larger gym equipment, we get back to basics wherever and with whatever we can find. We find that pull-ups. chin-ups, push-ups, and dips at a park can be just as intense and effective of a training session as weight training is. Hitting a heavy bag non-stop for thirty minutes can be an unforgiving shoulder workout. Filling athletic bags or backpacks with books or bricks for a modified dumbbell row is another great idea that we implement while gyms remain closed.
For legs, the same athletic bags or backpacks with books or bricks can be used for lunges and stiff-leg deadlifts. Squat jumps and sprints can be added to engage the muscle fibers in a different way than traditional weight training.
We can also make this a great time to explore different abdominal routines as well as stretching, both of which are often neglected by many for the larger muscle groups.
A great full body exercise for a real back-to-basics approach is the swinging of a sledge hammer for timed intervals. As I previously stated, we get back to basics with whatever we can find. Don’t give up out there. Give it all you’ve got with improvised training.
I hope that you & your families are well,
& I hope these ideas help you to improvise your own training.
Until, next month,
~ John D.
P.S. We wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!


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