Life throws plenty of curveballs. We may strike out occasionally, but that doesn’t mean that we quit. We do whatever it takes to improve. We learn, we seek, we strive, we pray, we practice, we work diligently for as many hours as it takes, even if it means that we reinvent ourselves completely. Hannibal once said, “We will find a way, or we will make a way.” That is the mindset that everyone should strive to have. There are times in life that force us to step back and evaluate our direction. It can be at any stage in life, from school to work, from relationships to faith, from health to finances, from where we live to where we would like to travel. Life’s curveballs can throw us off balance temporarily, but we must regain our stance in the batter’s box. We must adapt to certain situations or circumstances and find a way to navigate through them if they are not ideal. If a pitch is thrown by us that dips down and out and buckles our knees a bit, we adjust and study its movement. We learn to sit back and time it correctly instead of swinging wildly. We take aim. Sometimes we might swing and miss, but if we don’t give up on ourselves and our endeavors, we will eventually connect with that curve and hit it squarely. And if we keep at it, we will begin to develop the patience to connect frequently.

When we attain a mindset that never quits and always seeks improvement when it’s necessary, we achieve our goals, we fulfill our dreams, and we set ourselves on a course to pursue our happiness. That outcome is something very different for every individual, but the way to it is the same. It’s perseverance. It is the little voice inside that says, “One more time.” Life’s going to throw many things our way. It gets uncomfortable at times. Sometimes, we might get a high fast ball that whizzes by our chin. That sweet chin music wakes you up and gets your adrenaline flowing. Next could be a Knuckle ball that lulls us to sleep. Whatever is thrown our way, remember to study it, adjust to it, and squarely take aim when the moment is right. It’s alright if you swing and miss right out of your shoes. You’ve made the attempt and you’re in the batter’s box, not sitting idly on the bench, watching from the dugout. You just have to dig in and get the job done. So, whatever area in your life has you feeling like quitting, study it. Look at it from different angles and get a different perspective. Adjust to it. Ask yourself, “What changes can I make to improve my approach and be successful in this particular situation?” Squarely take aim. Develop a plan of attack from the information that you have collected and observed, apply the necessary changes to your approach, and swing away!

Stay focused throughout the changes that life throws at you. Don’t be distracted, and don’t ever give up. Stay the straight and narrow course and NEVER QUIT!!!

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