Now Is The Time!

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March 1st people! Now is the time to begin the journey to achieve your fitness goals! This is it. We’re almost out of this brutal winter, so shake off the snow and start looking towards spring. These next few weeks go fast, and then it’s beautiful sunny weather. Do not procrastinate. These next few weeks are the weeks to accomplish a great deal of body fat loss. Do not wait. Now is the time to get motivated! Do not look in the mirror in June and say, ” I should have started in March.” Now is the time! Set the goal. Get the plan. Achieve the goal! Get in the best shape right now, so that you are where you want to be this summer! My schedule is filling up, so there’s definitely some motivated people out there ready to set & achieve their goals. Time will run out, and summer will arrive. Will you be in your best physical shape ever? Let’s go, now is the time!
Until next month,
John D.


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