One Thing That We Can Control


There are endless things in this world, (and beyond,) that we cannot control. We can plan a great day & get rained out. We can be careful & be blindsided. We can play to win & still lose. Some things in life were not meant to be controlled. One thing that we have total control of is what we feed our bodies. The food that we eat on a daily basis is wholly dependent on our actions, (unless you’re in prison, homeless, or an infant.) There is no reason for unhealthy eating unless you just don’t care, don’t know, or refuse to take the controls of your mind. When I consider just how poorly many people eat, it always makes me wonder which cause is at the root of the problem. Do they not set health atop their list of priorities? Do they just not know that they are causing their own discomfort and in some cases disease? Do they not have the individual will power to eat the foods that will make them better?
The first reason is one that I can respect. It’s a choice, and though they choose to be unhealthy, it is completely in their control to do so.
The second reason is why I have a career. Though we live in the so-called “Information Age,” it seems that many people would rather have someone else tell them what to do rather than learn through research. While it’s fine to seek guidance in such matters, it is not acceptable to walk a path of ignorance and wonder why body fat is accumulating on their bodies, and wonder why they have high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, and diabetes, and do nothing to correct it.
The third is the most distressing reason. This person is aware, wants to change, perhaps even learns what can be done, but lacks the proper motivation to do anything about their circumstances. I often wish that I could do more for the people that fall into this category, but they have to want to do it for themselves, to truly want it. I can understand if a child or adolescent struggles with self esteem or discipline, because to some extent, they may have been misguided in some way, and have just not been on this earth long enough to know better yet. But adults should be able to rationally and emotionally take control.  This behavior must be realized, identified, & altered. We have control over that behavior, and our actions should reflect it. Discipline is there for everyone. it is a well that everyone can drink from. You simply must drink of it with your own will.
Think on this.
Ask yourself, “Why am I eating this food?” “What is the underlying cause of my emotional eating?”
“What would be the best food to eat to make me the best person that I can be?”
Say decisively to yourself, “I have control over what I eat.” “I will control when & what I eat.”
It’s really that simple. It’s something we all have control over.
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Whether it’s in person or online, I look forward to helping you.
~ Saint Thomas Aquinas

Happy Autumn!!!
Until next month,
~ John D.