Remedy Re-Focus


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This has been the fastest Summer that I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. It feels like just yesterday that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s description of Summer rang true for us, and now, suddenly his words ring true again, but within the blink of an eye, he’s describing Fall.
I have a real love for Summertime. It is the one time of year that removes us from our cramped box of limited time. That box often forces a myopic view of life upon us due to the confined feeling of a day-in-day-out schedule. Summer releases us from the cage, and fills our lungs with salty air & our minds with creativity! We witness Nature emerge into its glory, with full leaves & long sun-lit days. The sound of the waves, the aroma of grilled foods, the sounds of the night symphonies of crickets fill our hearts & souls with awe, inspiration, & infinite dreams!
Summer’s beach days, long lasting sunshine, and wonderful heat will be leaving us shortly, and so will the structureless carefree schedules & relaxed attitudes. All the BBQ’s & pool parties, camping on the beach, sunsets, early morning fishing, and school-less days come to a halt. The schedules get fuller, the daylight get shorter, the sports & activities begin, & our lives become a whirlwind of a timeline. I truly love Summer like no other season, and its end is always melancholy for me. However, for most, it is time to get back on track with a scheduled life, and that includes eating! Now that the parties are over, from now until the Holidays, it’s the perfect time to re-focus, get organized, have a schedule again, & begin seeing results for your goals once more! It’s an exciting time in that regard! With structure comes consistency, & with consistency comes results.
One other great thing to look forward to are Fall recipes! There are always great things in every season, & items such as pumpkin, squash, cinnamon, & nutmeg can expand many recipes beyond what they once were. I look forward to some new Fall creations to share with you!
So, let’s all get re-focused and re-charged and get ready to start achieving some great goals this Fall, and continue our achieving into Winter, so that by next Spring & Summer, goals are met & realized! Have a great Labor Day Weekend, & please be safe out there.
Until next month,
~ John D.