Remedy Reset!!!


2015 has arrived, and looking at the state of the world, many of us wish that it had a “reset” button! Sadly, it does not, but each of us as individuals have the ability to reset our present courses. Many of us reflect on the past year, and that is helpful in some ways as far as learning from past mistakes or failures, or hopefully reflecting on cherished memories of those we love and care for and great moments in our lives. This is also a time for resolutions for the future. While it is always important to plan, look towards the future, and dream, it is even more important to keep perspective of those dreams so that we may be grounded in the moment in order to begin working to make those dreams a reality.
This year I am focused on living in the moment. I do not mean ” living for today”, I mean being present. At times, we have all been to caught up with the past, or caught up in dreams of the future. How many of us are truly present in the moment? To have a goal is wonderful, but how many actually write it down, retrieve what they need to accomplish it, and apply the necessary steps to achieve it. Work diligently in the moment this year, and watch as your dreams and goals come to fruition! Achieve! Achieve! Achieve! Individually, we may reset our courses, and together, we may reset the world!
Happy New Year! Until next month, John D.