RESULTS: Consistency vs. Fads & Trends


One thing that I have always disliked about the Fitness Industry is its susceptibility to trends and fads. So many fall victim to looking for the next new thing as a miracle that’s somehow going to be the magical technique that will give them the edge, or shape their body into their dream physique, or give them chiseled abdominal muscles, or make dieting easy, and so on…
The rapid-fire diet fads and exercise trends that now seem to be a yearly occurrence come and go fairly quickly. While many techniques of exercise and diet may be effective when applied, far too many people are mixing and matching elements from different philosophies, plotting a course that is often counteractive to the desired goals that they may be seeking to achieve. If they would just select one method of training and one method of diet, and stay the course with both, many would surprise themselves with the amazing RESULTS that they would attain.
Clients frequently ask me my opinion on a new exercise trend.  As long as the technique applies good form and will not cause injuries or set-backs, I am usually open to some, and just happy to see that they’re exercising. I advise against some, due to erratic technique. Diet fads, on the other hand, I’m not very keen on. I have had to spend far too much time over the years repairing metabolisms  from the negative effects of several diet fads. Also, after creating Individualized Meal Plans for the last 26 years, I know what works and what doesn’t. I know what is beneficial to the body, and what is potentially harmful.
Many inquire into my own theory and approach, and often seem surprised that my approach is nothing fancy. It may even be considered basic in nature. It’s my consistency with my approach that gives me my RESULTS. Those who follow my theory and approach and stay consistent see the RESULTS for themselves. Those who follow and then give up and become inconsistent do not see the RESULTS. I want them to see, but they so often let life’s distractions subtract from their focus. I can only give a plan and motivation, but day-in-and-day-out consistency is up to the individual. Consistent individuals see RESULTS.
Bruce Lee once said, “Long term consistency trumps short-term intensity.” I completely agree. One thing that stays put, solid as a rock in this revolving door of fitness, is the RESULTS that are achieved through the discipline of consistency. Good, old-fashioned consistency gets the job done every time.
Be consistent. See RESULTS.
We hope that you’re exploring all of my Blog posts and enjoying some reading while we’re enduring this strange experience of isolation. Hopefully, we’ll all soon be returning to rebuild our economy, and we can get some consistency back into our business goals as well. It will be a new start, one which will be the culmination of the lessons learned along this isolated journey. We will get everything back on track, but with a better perspective on the important things in life. I think that most of us will re-prioritize much of what we formally considered a necessity, and that realization is very refreshing. So, let’s all re-focus, put aside what is no longer needed, and move forward with a lighter burden on our new and exciting journey!!!
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there!!!
Until next month,
(hopefully with some exciting things on the horizon,)
~ John D.