Rise & Shine

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The sound of clanking weights at the break of dawn. The revving treadmill belts accelerate. The pedals turn, faster and faster. The light stomp of feet hit the pavement before the morning rush of traffic. It is the sound of passion. It is the sound of dedication. It is the sound of determination. It is the sound of motivation. But why do we do it, this forging of our bodies, this forming of our wills? Because life is worth living. And each day counts. We seek health, we seek longevity. We seek to better feel and experience God’s wonders, starting our days by strengthening ourselves inside and out, and lengthening our stay here. This is that internal drive. Some are born with it. Some have learned it. But there it is. The exhilaration is almost indescribable. It changes us on a molecular level. We rise and shine. We hear the birds sing, the breeze whistling through the trees, the first sprouts of life on the farm field, the dew trickling on the leaves, and best of all, we feel those first few rays of sun that traveled from millions of miles away to shine upon us, and give us warmth, light, and hope.
Enjoy the sunshine. See you next month, John D.


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