Rough Around The Edges


This past Easter Sunday, I lost someone who I truly admired, Mother Angelica, the Foundress of EWTN.  I was asked by EWTN to write about her, and of course, I did. When I was writing & reflecting, I described Mother as “often, rough-around-the-edges.”  I meant this in the most complimentary of ways, as I myself have, at times, earned that description. I started to reflect on many of the people that I have come to admire, both living and long gone from this world. Many, if not most, could be described as such. It seems that a “rough-around-the-edges” quality is one that I connect with. I realized that it’s a defining element of my personality, and I feel that it’s due to my running full speed into & through obstacles. My father always called me hard-headed, and I cannot argue with that. I charge head first into things, crashing through, not recklessly, but planned & with precision. I do not like avoiding obstacles, or problems, or hinderances. I’ve always decisively eliminated any obstacle and found solutions to problems. Perhaps that is why I am “rough-around-the-edges,” from parts of me being chiseled off as I charged through. As I look at the world today, and particularly our culture here in the United States, I see that so many go on avoiding obstacles, making excuses, masking problems, renaming words & phrases, regulating based on agenda-driven pseudo-science, artificially tinkering with the economy, forcing citizens to purchase a product that they may not necessarily want, obsessing with political correctness, packaging “news,” distracting from the truth, and detracting from intellectual honesty. It appears that so much of the Civil Society is no longer, well…civil, and that so much of what we see is smoke & mirrors. It’s the old Wizard Of Oz line, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” So many are so engrossed by their gadgets & technology, that they do not look up to see what is happening. It’s a symptom of the avoidance of existing problems, and of big, looming problems. Yet, I have a glimmer of hope in those few who are looking up, who are seeing the problem, and who are charging straight through. Their chiseled pieces fly about, making them a little rough-around-the-edges, but I’d rather be rough-around-the-edges, than soft, complacent, & conforming. So, charge through in all that you do, with rugged individualism, self-reliance, and self-governance! Charge into the world and defy it with great dissidence! Do not be afraid. Do the thing that’s hard to do, and charge headfirst with planned precision! You may just come out of it a little “rough-around-the-edges! I hope that y’all don’t mind my philosophizing occasionally. Every now & then, I feel compelled to bring you a Remedy Reflection.
Until next month,
Carpe Diem,
~ John D.
Ben Grimm (The THING): Definitely rough-around-the-edges!
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