‘Round & ‘Round, We Go…


It was a difficult year for me, personally. I unexpectedly lost someone with whom I shared a very close bond with at a very special time in my life. I’ll admit, that it has shaken me up and has made me feel lost to my core.
I’m a very strong person, physically, spiritually, and mentally. My mental discipline is probably my greatest asset. So, for me, these last few months have been unexplored territory in regards to my conscience and soul. Usually, I have the strength to ignore pain, in whatever form it takes. I have always felt emotion with intensity. This loss has irrevocably damaged my soul. I will persevere, but with a heavy weight upon my shoulders.
While heart wrenching, this experience has illuminated many of my own inner strengths. It has brought out my empathy, my sympathy, compassion, and my ability to both comfort and motivate others. It has shined light on my inner self and the reasons that inner peace seems to evade me at this stage of my life. It has helped me to face my own inner battle, and examine my endless quest for perfection. I have always been a perfectionist. Anyone who knows me well knows this for certain. As a child, my Action Figures & other toys were neatly organized. I have always started and ended my days with organization. It’s good to be organized, but I often take it to the extremest of other levels. I like life to have “book ends.” I strive for people, places, and moments to be neat and orderly, and it’s just not how life works. I realize that now. There is no perfect, and striving for it may be a fruitless campaign with no end in sight. This moment in my life has revealed the “why,” in regards to my lack of inner peace, or at least one aspect of it. I have a great life, and everything is very wonderful. I feel blessed by God, and I’m so grateful for all the opportunity He has led me to. Of course, there are normal stresses of everyday life, but nothing that would prevent me from the feeling of inner peace that I once had. This experience has opened my eyes to the need for a change in thinking for myself. I can and will always continue to strive for excellence, but my vision of perfection has to be more flexible, or like a branch that is too rigid, I’ll break.
In the past, I had moments of great inner peace and reflection. This new year I will focus on a return to that. It all begins with a change in thinking. Just as I suggest a change of thinking in regards to nutrition and exercise for others for their physical well being, I have to apply the same kind of change of thinking so that I can feel the inner peace that I once had. I have to be able to let go of things and situations in a way that helps me to grow in patience and understanding. I cannot let the frustration of an endless quest for perfection steal my peace. Carrying on with the same thinking is like being on a ferris wheel, going ’round and ’round. It’s time to clearly see a new way in thinking, and then the application of that thinking.
The end of an old year, & the start of a new year is a great time to reflect, and while I am sad about some aspects of life, culture, society, and our own fallible qualities, I can be happy for the ability to recognize and realize that I, personally cannot dwell on imperfections. I can be happy for the good things that I have in my life, and live each day knowing a peace that I’ve let evade me for too long. As I’ve stated, I will continue to strive for excellence, but I will also acknowledge that most things cannot be perfect and that perfection itself is a fruitless cause. Year by year, season by season, we have a lot to reflect upon, and hopefully it helps us grow as individuals. Life’s too short, the time is rarely perfect, and we often do not realize the things and people that we take for granted.
If you have a vicious cycle that you would like to break, identify the cause. It may not reveal itself immediately, but with careful examination, you’ll find it within. It’s important to take the time to reflect and figure it out. Once you’ve identified it, you can take the proper steps to change your thinking. If it’s nutrition and exercise related, I’m always here to help, and just know that we all have our own issues to work through, and I understand that it can be difficult. We’ll get through it together.
If you have people to forgive, forgive them. If you have to be forgiven, ask for forgiveness. Give your time to those who need it. Love every second of life. Cherish all life. Count your blessings, and most of all, thank God for everything.
Let us put 2019 behind us. Let it go…
May 2020 be an amazing year for all us. May we find peace in our own ways and for our own reasons.
Happy New Year!!! Let’s make it a great one! God bless!!!
Until next month,
~ John D.