Strive for Excellence!


It is a state of mind. It is a place within that few roads lead to. It’s most easily found with guidance and coaching. It is a personal journey on which we find out our true nature, and whether or not we quit when the going gets tough, or persevere onward and upward. It is EXCELLENCE.
I encourage all to seek it, for it is within us, each of us. It’s that spark that helps us go the distance, to press that extra repetition, to go the extra mile, to crawl, if necessary, to complete the accomplishment in which we set out to do. Whether you are an athlete, and artist, an entrepreneur, employed in or the C.E.O. of a business, or a farmer, or a police officer; at some point along the way, we all had a coach or a mentor. These are people in our lives that come along and help us to see the path to our own individual excellence. For some, the path is clearer. For some, there are obstacles. But for each of us, the ability to strive for excellence is the same. We can be excellent at anything we set out to achieve. Even if we are not particularly talented in a specific area, and have little natural ability, we can strive for excellence.
It is those who strive who come to realize that excellence is attainable. There will always be obstacles to overcome, tasks to complete, failures to face, but the striving for excellence does not allow us to stop. We stop when the job is done. We rest when the task is complete. We persevere after every failure. If you don’t feel this in you yet, seek it. Find it. It’s in you. We are here for a reason. We were given these minds, these bodies, these souls to achieve, to create, to excel.
I was fortunate enough to have great career mentors along the way, legendary mentors in Bodybuilding, elite teachers in the Martial Arts, & Hall of Fame Wrestlers in the squared circle. They opened my eyes to the opportunity that was before me, and the excellence that was within me. They saw that I strived. They could sense my hunger. They instructed me, and directed my intensity to excel in all three of these arenas. I am so grateful for all that they taught me, honored that they allowed me to train alongside them, warmed that they would call me friend, but most of all determined to never disappoint them or myself along my journey through life, to always be unwavering in my striving for excellence.
I urge you, no matter what you choose to do, do it well, always keep your eyes focused on the goal, take the necessary steps to achieve that goal, and dedicate yourself to excellence in all that you do. Do so, even with the daily tasks such as making your bed, talking to others, & doing your daily chores. Each thing done well will help you to form the good habits to help that spark within to become a fire, and to help you strive for excellence continuously in every area of your life.
Happy Summer, everyone!
Until next month, strive it, and make a commitment to excellence!
~ John D.