Successful Strategy


I am happy to report that the majority of people who make the Remedy Recipes structure a part of their lives have been vastly successful in changing their habits. I was so impressed by the excellent reductions in weight & body fat numbers right through the Holidays this past year. Great work by everyone, and many even surpassed their goals! Recently, I experienced someone who resisted the guidance, advice, and structure that I presented to them. I wondered why someone who was unwilling to change their current habits would come to me in the first place. Truly, one cannot change their health and fitness level if they are not willing to end bad habits and create good habits. I sincerely do want to provide structure and a successful strategy to help every person to achieve their goals. There is no magic, there are no shortcuts, and there is no easy way. Achieving any goal requires sacrifice, hard work, discipline, and the will to change a current course. A successful strategy must be applied if one is to achieve any results. It also requires looking at the path forward in a positive light, and not dwelling on negative ways and thinking that one can make a change without actually “changing” something. I provide the successful strategy, but it is up to the person to apply that strategy. You have to “want” it. I’m here to help. Hopefully and thankfully, most who come to me for my guidance truly want my guidance. I thank all of you who listen and learn. That is why you succeed.
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Until next month,
Sgt. Johnny