Summer Gardens


Nothing is like fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs from the garden. Each Spring, we plant herbs and vegetables and watch our fruit trees and bushes flower. It’s a simple and fun project that delivers food, joy, tradition, and memories to our lives. It’s especially wonderful when children can partake in the planting, cultivating, and harvesting of this element of tamed nature. ( We actually plant our vegetables and herbs in pots, partly to keep the bunnies from making a meal of them, and partly because it’s engrained deep within my Sicilian mind. You’ll see this technique used upon many Sicilian rooftops in the ” old country”. )
Skills such as these, I believe, should be passed down from generation to generation. Unfortunately, many skills such as farming, hunting, sewing, fishing, preserving, and even cooking are not being shared as they were in the past. With this shared skill, seeing the children enthused to eat fresh berries right off of the plant is satisfaction enough, but also fulfilling is the ability to provide sustenance to my family in a truly organic form. We compost for the richest soil, and also use aged horse manure for fertilizer, which helps to bring forth a great crop.
A Summer garden is a fairly easy project. Just plant, water, and the sun does the rest! Occasional trimming and pruning take minutes, but the enjoyment lasts a lifetime!
Have a great 4th of July and enjoy these Summer days & nights! Until next month, John D.