The 4 Pillars Of Success


From Ancient Greece to Ancient Rome to the capitol of the United States of America, pillars have always represented foundational strength and stability. Just as structural pillars support buildings, conceptual, internal pillars support our being. There are many pillars of support in our lives, some internal, some external, but four remain a necessity for each of us to be successful in what we set out to achieve. The four that I determine to be the most important on the path to success in anything are 1. The Will, 2. Organization, 3. Discipline, & 4. Consistency. Without these pillars, our goals & dreams are unstable, and missing the foundational support to hold them securely in our hearts, minds, & souls. Without these conceptual, internal mechanisms, we limit ourselves from achieving & fulfilling our destiny & converting our dreams & goals into a physical creation, achievement, or accomplishment. Sometimes, viewing these 4 pillars in a written, step-by-step format, or visualizing our approach can help us to see the path more clearly, and aid our journey to success in anything that we seek to achieve.
I. The Will
First and foremost, we must truly want to achieve something before committing ourselves to the journey. We must not attempt to achieve a goal, if our heart is not in it for the long haul. If our Will desires something enough, we will not be deterred in setting out to accomplish the task at hand. We must be ready to face obstacles, we must be ready to work for our goals, we must be ready for it to take as much time as is necessary in order to achieve it. If our Will is strong, we will overcome all things, and fulfill our individual dreams.
II. Organization
Being organized and gathering the necessary information, tools, & materials to achieve the goal is vital. You cannot build a house without the proper materials & tools, and the same is true for building a body, building a mind, or re-enforcing a soul. We must have the necessary knowledge, instructions, and directions on how to set forth a plan that will guide us on our journey. Be prepared.
III. Discipline
We all need discipline. Whether we are athletes, musicians, chefs, doctors, police officers, teachers, students, or any profession, we need practice, & we need to study. We need to have the discipline to repeat certain motions over & over again until we get it right in regards to application of the information that we have gathered for our journey. We must not fall into old bad habits of procrastination or distraction. Focus on your goals & dreams, & apply the knowledge that you have gathered.
IV. Consistency
It is not enough to have just the Will, or just the organization skills, or just the discipline. We must forge our will into ourselves with consistent action, hammering and moulding ourselves into the person who will achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams with ultimate determination. To consistently apply our Will, our gathered knowledge, & our disciplined hard work is what can get us to our destination.
Not every path is the same. Not every journey is the same. Not every goal or dream is the same, but neither are any of us. But our steps and what we choose as a compass can take us there. Always set your foundation first, and set it well. Let your pillars display your strength, determination, & focus. You have your map & compass, now set the coarse & walk the path to your own individual success!
Until next month,
Enjoy Autumn! ~ John D.