The Delicate Balance

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Many of us plan for the future. This is especially true for this time of year, as we planned to begin so many new projects & resolutions for the new year. While it is very important to plan for the future, it is equally important, perhaps even more so to live in the present. By that I mean that we can easily dream so much of the future & what we’d like to achieve, that we can lose sight of the important things around us, here and now.
Hopefully, none of us are dwelling on the past. The delicate balance between dreaming and planning for the future and living and being here in the present moment often feels like walking on a tight rope. Some of us plan for the future by investing in the markets, or in real estate to make retirement fruitful. Some of us have writing or film projects that we have our hearts set on accomplishing. Some have business goals. For many of us, our childrens’ futures and educations are something that occupies our thoughts for the future. And, so many of us wish to travel more in our futures.
It’s important to dream. We are also focused on our day to day busy work, so much so that we often don’t stop going until late into the evening. It’s easy to get caught up in that mode of being, but being here in the present includes much more than that. It includes enjoying the moments with family and friends. It includes experiencing new places, tasting new foods, tasting favorite foods and savoring every bite, or listening to a song and allowing yourself to thoroughly immerse your soul in it. It can be the peace of a walk in nature, the enjoyment and satisfaction of gardening, and the trill of climbing to the peak of a tall mountain, and looking out over the world. It may be the depth of a personal prayer, and the personal experience of God in our lives. It can be hearing your child laugh their best belly laugh, or feeling the love of your spouse, or even the unconditional love of your pet.
There is much to dream of in our futures. There is much to enjoy and experience here and now. Learn to walk the delicate balance so that you have both in your lives. Happy New Year to you all! May this year ahead be one that is filled with the necessary steps to achieve your future goals & dreams, while being prosperous in the “now.”
Until next month,
~ John D.


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