The Inspirational First Step


First, let me begin with saying thank you. My gratitude is immeasurable for all of you that have met with me, and for those who will meet with me in the future to begin the journey of a lifestyle change. I simply provide the structure for you, but it is your willingness to change, that contains all the endless possibilities. It is that expanded vision, the fact that you have identified the area that you felt needed changing, that sparked that moment of realization. You have taken the first step. You have had that shift in awareness, and declared, ” I’m willing to change my habits.” Yesterday, I saw someone that I had created a Meal Plan for years ago. I almost didn’t recognize him, because of his transformation. He explained that changing his lifestyle was the best thing he had ever done, and that he continues to stay the course, having lost 196 pounds, and having stopped all diabetes medication. He had a new lease on life, and that is extremely satisfying to me. It’s surreal sometimes, when I realize that I helped in someone’s journey and possibly gave them the tools to accomplish such a life-altering goal. But it’s that first step- that willingness to change- that is so impressive. Clients from all different backgrounds and all different ages- so far from 5 years old to 89 years old, all wanting and committing to change their life and their habits.
With gratitude, I thank you all for your trust in my guidance, and your willingness to take the first step. A whole new world of possibility is before us.
Thank you, and until next month, eyes on the goal,
John D.