The Motivated Individual

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As this seemingly never ending cold weather continues, many find it difficult to find the inner motivation & will power that is so needed in the process of setting and achieving goals. In this type of unrelenting situation, one must apply motivational techniques and use motivational tools to carry on and travel the path that will lead them to their eventual goal.
Some techniques are visualization and self affirmation. We must visualize ourselves working towards and finally achieving the goal, even if that visualization includes a little suffering and sacrafice. Self affirmation is when we issue a statement to ourselves that asserts the truth and existence of our ability to reach the goal that we have set. That’s right, talk to yourself. ( It can be silently, to your inner psyche, or if you’re a little more bold ( or crazy ) , you can say it out loud! ) Tell yourself, ” I can do this! ”
Some motivational tools are motivational quotations, music, movies, & videos. Read a quote per day in the morning to set or reset your mental focus. Visit my  “Motivation Station ” tab on my website, If certain songs help you to be inspired or improve your exercise enthusiasm, turn the music up & train harder. Really push yourself to get that one more rep instead of giving up. Movies can motivate as well. My favorite- Rocky III- helps me to regain my focus & discipline. In Rocky III, Rocky loses three very important things in his life, and the right motivation helps him to regain two of the things. The main message in the movie is overcoming fear! ( Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky IV, & Rocky Balboa are great too! ) You Tube has an array of motivational montages that have been assembled by professionals and amateurs alike. And, one of my favorite videos is Survival by Muse ( The official video for the 2012 London Olympics ). That video  provides me with a week’s worth of motivation!
So, APPLY these tools & techniques. They’re simple little practices that can help you on your journey, not only with fitness goals, but any goal. Just as the APPLICATION of the science that I provide takes you, like a blueprint, to your specific goal, the APPLICATION of motivational techniques & tools may provide you with the spark that you needed to begin. Onward & Upward! Achieve!
Til’ Next Month,
Choose To THRIVE!!!, John D.


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