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The last few weeks of Summer are those of great enjoyment and relaxation. The days tend to be lax and unstructured. It’s the last opportunity to experience the hot sun on our skin, the cool water in which to refresh, & the salty air to breathe in deeply.
The reality of September can leave us longing for the Summer days, or it can be a refreshing time to reorganize, restructure, & RESET.
I have several seasons that spur activity on my schedule, & September is one of those times. Kids return to school, adults return to full time work, & it’s back to business for everyone. Many new clients call for Nutrition consultations, and many former clients seek structure in their lives with a REMEDY RESET. It’s as much a mental reset as it is a physical reset. Getting a new plan for a fresh start helps one to really regroup and set new goals. Eating clean once again helps one to return to feeling great physically and mentally with increased energy due to the proper fuel from the proper foods at the proper times.
So many people tell me how much better they feel, not only from losing body fat & excess weight, but also from utilizing the correct fuel for the body & brain. The increased energy, deeper sleep, and overall wellness amazes some clients, and I’m always happy to hear of their improvements. It’s a very satisfying and fulfilling job that allows me to help people feel better. I don’t take it for granted. Every success pleases me greatly. Witnessing people improve through self-discipline and dedication is one of the best things about my career. It’s great to hand someone a plan and observe how they follow it, growing stronger and more disciplined each day until they discover that they’ve created a new and improved lifestyle for themselves.
So, try to acknowledge how important the mental aspect of a REMEDY RESET is. The physical results will come, but it’s the mental determination that takes hold, hopefully permanently. It keeps you inside the parameters, adhering to the guidelines that I’ve laid out for you in the plan. It becomes easier and easier to follow the road map, as you gain momentum and witness your own successes. Before you know it, your’re at your destination, your goal! But, it’s a lifestyle that helps you to maintain that goal.
I’d love to help you return to structure. If you’re a new client in need of a Nutrition consultation, or a former client seeking a REMEDY RESET after a non-structured Summer, please give me a call to schedule an appointment at 631-444-5045. (Phone Hours: 8AM-8PM M-F, & 9AM-12NOON on Saturdays.) I look forward to helping you!!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Summer!
Until, next month, when the Pumpkin People aimlessly wander…LOL.
~ John D.


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