The Road To Results With Remedy

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It brings me great joy to see so many people experiencing the results that they wanted! For many, these results had eluded them for many years, for a variety of reasons. I am so glad to be the one who provided the directions to their current destination, and to have given them the vehicle that is getting them there! It really is fulfilling. I am so grateful to all who listen to my advice, follow my instruction, & absorb not only the tools of knowledge, but also the strength of discipline, & the individual growth of character.
It is not an easy road for many, to change one’s entire lifestyle, to defeat bad habits, & create good habits. To me, seeing someone achieve a result of a healthy transformation, mentally, intellectually, & spiritually is even more satisfying than just the physical achievement alone. It shows me that the person truly invested in becoming better, and this this investment will be a lasting one. This gives me the greatest satisfaction. To know, without a doubt, that you personally brought about positive change in someone’s destiny and future for years to come, is a feeling that I often reflect on.
I am so fortunate to have a career that leaves me fulfilled in this way. There are so many roads, and there are so many detours on which one can get sidetracked from such important aspects in life as nutrition & exercise. I’m honored to be your compass on this journey, & I will continue to navigate us along the road to results.
Happy Thanksgiving, & don’t forget to try our delicious Remedy Recipes’ Bread-less Low-Carb Stuffing recipe from November of 2015’s Remedy Recipes Recipe of the Month, (Just scroll down at the Recipe of the Month tab.)
Until next month,
~ John D.


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