The Secret Of Change


Socrates once said, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” He was one hundred percent correct in his assertion. Caught in behavioral patterns, it seems that humans often lose sight of this. Some fall into the trap of either thinking that they can continue the same actions while hoping for a different outcome or result, or, they are caught in a push-pull tug of war between what one knows would be a better path, and the comfort & familiarity of the path that they are presently on.
To change one’s lifestyle and habits is enormously difficult for most people. In my observations, I have seen people struggle with change for many years, attempting to change, and then backsliding to the spot that they started from. They fight the old habits with all their might, and while doing so, become engrossed and totally focused upon those habits. They need to be guided away from the old, bad habits, by seeing a clear path to the new, good habits. They simply need to zero in and focus on the new path that is before them, without looking back.
The tool that I provide people with is like a compass. It is an exact direction. Those that focus on this, quickly begin to realize that they have been walking on the good path for a month, 2 months, 3 months, etc…They are no longer focused on, or hindered by the old path. This is true for every aspect of our thinking. If we focus on what we currently are, and not on what we wish to become, it weighs us down and prevents forward motion. We, as humans have enormous intellect & rationale, yet so easily get caught in traps of behavior. We must be better than that. We must look at a problem, and figure out a different way to approach it, to conquer it, to dismiss it, and at times, to accept it, if it is out of our realm of control.
If one is continuously performing the same action, they should anticipate the same result. But why is it that so many believe that there will be a different result? It’s a behavioral pattern, and if one wishes for a different result, they will have to change their action.
So, if you are struggling with changing a habit, focus everything on what you wish to become. If you can clearly see your dream, your passion, or your path, walk that new path, and before you know it, you are miles ahead, and those old habits will be distant memories. Take the first step and always focus on the new & improved you!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Thank you, God for all that you have given us, for the roof over our heads, the food on our table, the clothes on our backs, for work & opportunity, for a loving family and friends, for being born free, and for knowing freedom in our lifetime. Thank you, Lord.
Until next month,
~ John D.