"The Ultimate Superbowl Tex-Mex"

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– 1 pound lean ground turkey or lean ground beef ( sautéed with olive oil spray until
browned or thoroughly cooked )
– 1 packet low sodium taco seasoning ( add to ground turkey or beef while sautéing and mix
in thoroughly )
– 3 avocados ( cubed & mashed with a splash of lemon or lime juice & a pinch of ground
cumin (( simple guacamole)))
– 16 oz. reduced fat sour cream
– 15.5 oz. black beans ( 1 can drained & rinsed )
– 5.5 oz. black olives ( 2 small cans, drained )
– 1 jar salsa
Create layers in a clear glass, square tray:
1st layer: sautéed ground turkey or beef
2nd layer: 1 jar salsa
3rd layer: 1 can black beans
4th layer: Guacamole
5th layer: 16 oz.sour cream
6th layer: 5.5 oz. black olives
( you may add 1/4 cup diced red onion to the olive layer ( optional ))
During the day, you may serve at room temperature with Lundberg’s or Riceworks brown rice chips as a dip-like meal/ or in the evening, it may be served as is. For the Remedy Recipes book structure, Men may have an eight oz. portion w/ 12 chips, Women may have a 4 oz. portion w/ 6 chips. It’s a great healthy Superbowl treat or also great for Mexican Train Domino parties! Enjoy!


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