"There Ain't No 'Can't'"

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In one of the greatest sequels of all time, Rocky II, Micky Goldmill says, “What’s ‘can’t’? There ain’t no ‘can’t’!!!” It’s a simple sentence, (And one that has not only a double, but a triple-negative!), yet it is elegant in its clear message. The character of Mickey was, at many points of most of the series of movies, a perfect motivator. He executed grammatically incorrect, inspirational wisdom that has, at times rung in my ears at opportune moments in my life, almost as if dialogue from the movies was now engraved upon my soul. The Rocky movies motivated me at a young age, and continue to inspire me today. A lot of life’s lessons and the answers to many of life’s doubts & questions can be found among the dialogue and memorable and even some of the average, not-so-memorable moments in the films. I have always considered Mickey’s wise words regarding the word, ‘can’t’. His emphasis is literally true about everything in life. It’s the moment when you either tell yourself that you do or you don’t believe in yourself. Anything is possible if you believe it CAN be! Anything. So take Mick’s advice, and believe. Say it. Everyday…..                             “There ain’t no ‘can’t’!”
Hope you’re all ready to break out of this deep freeze (if you’re here with us in the North East), and I hope you are all having a reflective Lent, growing better spiritually, physically, intellectually, mentally, and emotionally. God bless you all, and don’t lose hope in our world. We will make it good again. It CAN be done.
De Oppresso Liber
Until next month, John D.


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