View Your Food As Fuel & Nutrients!

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Years ago, I viewed food very differently from how I view it now. At that time, I made food a social event at times, and a comfort at other times. Some foods can be delicious, but can also cause you to feel horrible after. ¬†At some point, I began to understand how my behavior in regards to food was affecting me. I realized that I wasn’t giving my body the best nutrients that I could. I was viewing food by, and appreciating it for its flavor and richness. But I wasn’t appreciating the after effects. Processed foods like bread, pasta, & cereal were not a very good source of nutrients for the body that I wanted, as well as the clear mind and energy that I desired. Lethargy, exhaustion, & body fat are just a few of the things that you can account for from a poor diet.
I reached a point that I really thought about each item that I was consuming. What was the scientific breakdown of each food? What were the nutrients it supplied to me? What type of vitamins, minerals, and amino acid profiles did it deliver to my cells? When I began viewing food as fuel and nutrients, it took the emphasis off of the comfort mechanism attached to individual foods, and put the emphasis on how the particular food would benefit me and my goals. Would the particular item give me great and lasting energy? Would it help me to repair muscle, tendons, ligaments, and other tissue? Would it help me to construct muscle, and reduce and burn body fat? Would I be stronger from eating a particular food? Would I be faster? Would the particular vitamins, minerals, and amino acids help my muscle recovery? This way of looking at food was like stepping back and looking at the materials of any project. If you don’t have the correct materials, your project isn’t going to turn out the way that you intended.
Really take a moment to step back and view food in this way. Your body and you mind will thank you for it. It comes down to this:
Good food = good fuel & good nutrients = less body fat & more muscle, better health, longevity, & energy.
Bad food= poor fuel & little nutrients = increased body fat & less muscle, poor health, short life, & lack of energy.
The choice is simple when you see it presented in this way. ¬†Another common analogy is a car without fuel. It just doesn’t run & it won’t get you very far. You put the proper fuel in your car to give you the best performance. Do so with your body & brain as well. Give them the best possible nutrients & fuel that they can have, and you will feel great, go the distance, & be healthy for all the things you want to do and places that you want to see.

Have a Happy & Prosperous New Year, everyone!
Until next month,
~ John D.


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