With Complete Intent

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All human beings form habits, some positive, some negative. That’s the behavioral biology of our being. We also have two other parts of our being, the soul, & rationale. The soul, if allowed to, can connect God’s will with our individual actions. Rationale, if applied, can direct our actions through rational thinking and problem solving.
Too many of us fall into habitual behavior without the intent formed from rational thinking. We allow our biology, comfort, desire, cravings, & distractions to derail us from goals and dreams. I believe it is important to identify the bad habits in our lives in order to better ourselves. If we actively seek to improve ourselves with complete intent, we are much more likely to achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams. With complete intent one can realize, create, & embody one’s good visions.
The question of strength of will essentially determines the outcome, but identifying the habit firstly, and forming the intent to destroy the lesser habit secondly, are the two avenues on which we each can set a course, rationally thinking through our actions, and also our prioritization of our desires, our goals, and our dreams.
You have to ask yourself, “What is it that is most important to me, the short term satisfaction of a desire, or the long term satisfaction of achievement?” The latter will always trump the former. Then why is it that so many of us fall short of achieving by falling prey to biological impulses? We are better than that. As human beings, we must be conscious of our thoughts in order to control our actions. We must use our rational ability to conquer the impulses that deceive our ability. We must do each task with complete intent. Then and only then will we have the satisfaction that determines our present and future endeavors according to our will. Make a conscious attempt this month to do so. I want you all to succeed, and this is a tool that I, personally have identified in conquering my former bad habits, and creating good, lasting habits that have made me, in my opinion, a better person. Courage! Be strong, & be rational…with complete intent!
Until next month,
Happy Summer! ~John D.


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