By: John M. Di Fazio II


Have you ever asked yourself why you eat properly and exercise? Or, if you have not yet begun your journey on the Fitness path, have you ever asked yourself why you are seeking it? Your reason, and focusing on that reason, may motivate you to take your personal Fitness to the next level. Fitness first became a mindset for me when I was eleven years old. It began as an inspiration and sadly became an egocentric vehicle for a time. As shallow as the reasoning was, it built a foundation for me that led to the enjoyment of exercise, and gave me a very determined outlook and mindset. It gradually transformed from the superficial to the internal as I passionately learned more about nutrition, vitamins, and minerals. I began to view my personal Fitness from a cellular perspective, and it further drove my mindset in the direction of being as healthy as I could possibly be.



Proper Nutrition, hydration, exercise, and rest are paramount to a healthy body. It doesn’t just happen. It requires effort and a serious commitment. If people were as committed to Fitness as they were to work and play, our nation would not have the array of health problems that it currently does. ┬áMake time for exercise and meal prep. If you make your body a priority, your mind, your emotions, and your soul will be better positioned to deal with stress, anxiety, lethargy, unproductive habits, and a disconnect with relationships, including one’s relationship with God. By making Fitness a lifestyle, you will begin to create an efficient means of achieving goals and improving your outlook with natural chemical responses to exercise and healthy eating. You will release natural endorphins and dopamine that will give you a positive outlook, further motivation, and balance in your physical and spiritual relationships. You will improve your circulation, your nervous system responses, your organ health, your pulmonary health, your bone density, your skin, and your cellular integrity. It is well worth your time, effort, and commitment. Take action.



God gave you this body. It is a gift to you, one that many do not use appropriately. Humanity as a whole has only brushed the surface of what our bodies and brains can accomplish. Keeping fit physically, mentally, spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally is a grateful expression to God for the gift He bestowed upon us. Our bodies are miraculous. In the years to come, advancements in frequency and vibration and one’s innate ability to apply God-given instruments such as our Pineal Gland to connect with one another and our Creator will give you insight in which most never thought possible. These miracles are there for us, but it requires that we do not pollute our bodies and brains with harmful toxins such as genetically modified foods, overly processed foods, fluoride, and harmful chemicals in many products. Sincerely examine what you put into your body. Most will find a number of poisons consumed regularly. It’s time to treat your body to the nutrients and remedies that were made by God for His wonderful creation.



If you continue to avoid challenging yourself and stay permanently fixed in your comfort zone, you will neither know what you were capable of, nor will you know the exhilaration of achieving a goal. This stands for all goals, not only the physical. It is important to push ourselves out of the comfort zone so we can experience our potential. The physical is a realm in which we can see a cause and effect relationship occur through the application of our efforts and the results which we see and feel. I enjoy challenging myself physically because it feels incredible during the effort, and is extremely rewarding afterwards. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming challenge. Challenges can be small and gradual. You build upon them, one step at a time.



Giving your body and brain the proper conditions will improve your ability to repair yourself. We are in an everlasting ambience in which our internal habitat is breaking down and replenishing. If we give ourselves the proper building blocks, we repair at a greater rate, so great in fact, that we can stall the cellular breakdown and keep our organs functioning in their prime. Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids within our bodies do not simply occur. Replenishment of these nutrients must be actively pursued. These nutrients repair and strengthen our muscle tissue, ligaments, tendons, organs, bones, and cellular integrity. If we make the effort to replenish from the stresses of life, our bodies and brains can endure for a much longer period of time than is suggested by the conditions of today’s society. But, as I stated earlier, we must be cautious of the poisons and toxins in many foods, medications, and other products. In order to experience a longevity of great health, we must treat ourselves as though we truly care. A long, healthy, and abundant life await you. Are you going to feel burdened and restricted to do the things that you have always wanted to do, or will you finally care for yourself to extend your health and life so that you can enjoy it, every minute of it. Go the distance. Make it so.

Merry Christmas, and God bless you all. Glory to the newborn King!!!

~ John D.